In recent years, Europe has become an increasingly popular destination for international students. With its world-renowned universities and colleges, a diverse range of courses, and affordable tuition fees, it is not surprising that Europe is a top choice for students from all over the world. 

So, if you are thinking about studying in Europe, which are the best countries to consider? Here is a list of the top 10 best countries to study in Europe, based on factors such as the quality of education, cost of living, safety, and job prospects.

1. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom occupies the top position in world rankings for both teaching quality and is a desirable destination for international students seeking to unlock their full potential. From Wales’ stunning castles to Scotland’s elusive Loch Ness monster, there is never a lack of exciting activities and attractions in the UK. Explore the regions of England and take a step back into William Shakespeare’s home or examine the breathtaking Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. There is always something to do: sip on tea, view historical ruins, and marvel at world-class museums as you travel through the country. Moreover, the UK provides numerous sporting events and vibrant social life opportunities that allow students to fully experience what this wondrous nation has to offer; it is no wonder why it is renowned as one of the best countries to study in Europe!! 

2. France

France is an excellent choice for students looking for an amazing adventure abroad. Ranked fifth in the world, this nation features some of the highest-quality teaching systems in all of Europe – making it the #1 destination for academics from around the world. For travellers, France offers a plethora of attractions. As one of the largest art museum locations around, visitors are sure to find beauty and history where ever they go. From tasting some of Europe’s best-loved cheeses and stews in Paris to exploring beaches along Bretagne’s coastline, every visit promises something new and exciting. So if you want to spend your days taking in culture or swimming off Marseilles’ ports, consider making France your next destination!

3. Germany

As one of the world’s top six countries, Germany is a popular destination for students looking to study abroad in Europe. With eleven countries bordering it and hundreds of different activities available, there’s something for everyone. Travellers can explore Bavarian mountains, UNESCO-recognized castles on the Rhine River, tranquil Baltic coastlines and Mecklenburg lake scapes – all encompassed by Germany’s legendary culture. From Berlin’s eclectic nightlife and museums to Hamburg’s dreamy canals and street art scene and Munich’s iconic biergartens and architecture, studying in Germany offers an experience of a lifetime. This makes Germany one of the best countries to study in Europe!

4. The Netherlands

Ranking #7 in the world, The Netherlands is an ideal destination for those looking to have a unique adventure while also growing their career. Ranked #4 in Europe for adventuring and #2 in the world for achieving career goals, this vibrant country is perfect for anyone who wants to be exposed to a culture of engineering and entrepreneurship. If you’re interested in studying history or art, The Netherlands has some of the best higher education institutions accompanied by interesting cultural landmarks such as the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank Museum. Sports clubs are incredibly popular here too and the EDM scene is often seen as one of the best. With so much going on in The Netherlands, it’s certain that your stay will be both academically rewarding and full of fun!

5. Switzerland

Switzerland boasts many unique features, including its rankings as the world’s 8th most competitive economy as well as fourth in Europe and third in the world for achieving career goals. Beyond seeking out satisfied working lives, this country is a remarkable destination filled with stunning wilderness and picturesque towns and cities. Not to mention, individuals can not only indulge their palates with Swiss cuisine but also benefit from learning four incredible languages – German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Talk about an added bonus for personal development! If you’re looking to explore European nature in all its glory and revel in tranquil settings draped with Swiss culture, then Switzerland is definitely the place to go.

6. Spain

Spain is a destination unlike any other. Ranked 9th in the world for its overall culture and lifestyle, it’s one of the best countries to Study in Europe. If you want to feel like a traveller – walking down elegant boulevards, taking siestas before going out at night or exploring colourful Gaudí-inspired neighbourhoods – Spain is where you should be heading! From the works of Goya found in the Prado museum in Madrid to La Rioja’s wines, flamenco music and Moorish influence in southern Spain, there is something new and exciting around every corner. Spain also has some of the oldest universities in the world. A student exchange here would expose you to an interesting academic environment as well as a distinct cultural experience. 

7. Sweden

Sweden is an idyllic destination renowned for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities. Ranked 11th in the world, this Scandinavian country is renowned for providing exceptional personal development and career prospects – earning 8th in the world and 7th in Europe respectively. Transcend into nature with a short stroll from any of the main Swedish cities to find yourself beside a tranquil lake or dense forest. Whether it be indulging in wintertime cross-country skiing, paddling sailboats during a long summer day or attending iconic festivals such as Midsommar, you will have plenty of opportunity to explore all Sweden has to offer. Whatever study destination you choose: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala or Lund, you can anticipate an unforgettable experience!

8. Italy

Italy is one of the best countries to study in Europe with an unparalleled culture, lifestyle, and adventure. It ranks #13 in the world for overall wonder and beauty. When it comes to culture and lifestyle, Italy solidifies itself as one of the best nations in the world, holding firm at #1. For travellers seeking a thrilling adventure, Italy stands at #3 among Europe’s countries. From its magnificent villas dotting majestic Lake Como to its ancient ruins like Pompeii, there’s no lack of historical sites and landmarks to be experienced and explored. Visit iconic spots like The Colosseum in Rome or marvel at Florence’s Renaissance wonders. Milan offers up a first-rate fashion scene while Vatican City boasts mesmerizing works of art inside the Sistine Chapel walls. Plus, gain quality higher education from established academic systems—Italy hosts the world’s oldest university!

9. Denmark

Denmark is one of the best countries to study in Europe and the most desirable place on Earth for expanding your personal growth. It’s ranked as the #15 country globally and nine in Europe. If you’re looking to make progress in achieving career goals, Denmark comes in at #2 worldwide. Why? Its people fully embrace creativity, innovation and sustainability across all topics including art, fashion design, furniture and more. Plus biking takes centre stage – go explore their famous hippie commune, Christiania in Copenhagen, or check out the world-renowned Little Mermaid statue (after Hans Christian Anderson). Or take a tour around some classic architectural sights like Iceberg Aarhus or Renaissance palaces and Baroque castles. So why not make Denmark your next destination?

10. Finland

Finland is one of the most amazing countries to study in Europe, with winter snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and plenty of sapphire lakes. Visiting in the winter also allows students to experience firsthand the aurora borealis and Finnish Christmas markets. Students should plan a trip to Helsinki to tap into this breathtaking country’s stunning modern architecture and its varied influences on culture – take some time while there to explore Finland’s 50,000 islands! What sets Finland apart from so many other destinations is that it’s been ranked as one of the world’s happiest countries. Its support system for personal development ranks #1 in the world! 


There are many reasons why you should study in Europe. The continent is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. It is also a hub for research and innovation, with many leading scientists and thinkers coming from European countries. 

European universities offer a wealth of benefits for those looking to further their education abroad. Studying in Europe gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures and benefit from life-long connections. They also have the chance to explore some of the most beautiful places and landscapes in the world, while gaining an excellent education. At Britcan Overseas, we can help you select the perfect study destination in Europe that meets your needs and expectations. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience – visit us today!

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